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Are you Career Ready?

Employers are looking for new graduate to be Career Ready, developing skills within these

key areas will prepare you for a successful transition into your career.

Info provided by NACE - National Association of Colleges and Employers.


Critical Thinking

Analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems

What does it look like?                                                                     

The intern is able to obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data.                             

Example Learning Objective:

By creating quotes and invoices, I will improve upon my critical thinking skills, 

as evidenced by producing thorough and accurate reports on a weekly basis.


Oral/Written Communications

Articulate ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral form

What does it look like?

The intern has public-speaking skills, is able to express ideas to others, 

and can write/edit complex technical reports clearly and effectively.

Example Learning Objective:

I will be able to develop my communication skill as evidenced by producing a clear

and comprehensive document that my colleagues can understand and follow.



Build collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers

What does it look like?

The intern is able to work within a team structure, can negotiate, and manage conflict.

Example Learning Objective:

By collaborating with the other interns and staff members, I will improve upon

my teamwork skills by successfully facilitating a group project.


Digital Technology

Select and use appropriate technology to accomplish a given task

What does it look like?

The intern is able to apply computing skills to solve problems

Example Learning Objective:

By using design softwares, I will be able to develop my technological skills

by creating promotional flyers and brochures that meet design standards.



Leverage others' strengths to achieve common goal and use interpersonal skills to coach and develop others.

What does it look like?

The intern is able to assess and manage his/her emotions and those of others;

use empathetic skills to guide, motivate, organize, prioritize, and delegate work. 

Example Learning Objective:

By managing the volunteers, I will improve upon my leadership skills by delegating

relevent tasks to volunteers that results in a smoothly run event. 


Professionalism/Work Ethic

Demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits

What does it look like?

The intern demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior, acts responsibly

with the interests of the larger community in mind, and is able to learn from his/her mistakes.

Example Learning Objective:

By participating in regular staff meetings, I will demonstrate my professionalism by

always arriving on time, dressed appropriately, and contributing in a constructive manner.


Career Management

Identify and articulate one's skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences

What does it look like?

The intern is able to navigate and explore job options that relate to his/her skills and goals,

takes the necessary steps to pursue opportunities, and understands how to self promote in the workplace.

Example Learning Objective:

By attending network events, I will approach others to identify a particular position

of interest and conduct a follow-up informational interview. 


Global/Intercultural Fluency

Value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions

What does it look like?

The intern demonstrates openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to

interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals' differences.

Example Learning Objective:

By immerging myself to cultural differences, I will learn to interact differently

with people based on their background, beliefs, and values.