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Student and Employer Referrals

Refer a Student

Sometimes students may come to you for career advice. Discussion topics may range from jobs or internships available in a particular field of study to how to negotiate salary. Sometimes one question leads to many questions, and often students are unaware of the career resources available to them. If we can help you to better advise a student, please don’t hesitate to get us involved. Encourage your students to visit Career Services for an appointment to learn about the many ways we can help.

Refer an Employer

Because many faculty members have friends and colleagues in industry, they have been one of our most valued allies in connecting students with potential employers. From time to time an employer may contact you directly for the names and contact information of potential job candidates. In Career Services, we strive to make sure that all aspects of the recruiting process are fair and equitable to candidates and employers. Please be aware of the influence you may have on the hiring process, and be mindful of FERPA regulations when providing student information to employers. We encourage you to refer all employers to Career Services and contact us with the names and contact information of any employer that has an interest in recruiting UL Lafayette students.