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On-Campus Interviews

UL Lafayette Career Services office coordinates on-campus interviewing every fall and spring semester. Employers representing local, state, national, and international companies interview applicants for full-time, intern, and co-op positions. Only UL Lafayette students and alumni who have registered with Career Services for access to the on-campus interviewing program are eligible to participate.

To participate in On Campus Interviews, current students and recent alumni must do the following:

1. Complete a profile in Career Services Online
2. Upload a resume
​3. Complete On Campus Interviewing Program Registration

Navigating Career Services Online This guide will take you though the step by step process to submit your resume for each on campus interview that you would like to request.

Preparing for the On Campus Interview

Some employers only recruit in the fall but target both December and May graduates; therefore, we recommend that students and alumni register in August to fully benefit from the program. Also, if you are seeking a co-op or internships for the spring or summer, register early and begin interviewing in the fall. Interviewing for the fall semester begins in September and spring interviewing begins in February. Students participating in On Campus Interviews may be invited to attend a Career Connection Session, which is typically held the evening prior to interviewing. These events are posted in Career Services Online.

There are two types of interview selection processes:

  • Open Sign-Up: This process allows students and alumni to sign up through Career Services Online on a “first come/first serve” basis. They can sign up, submit their resume, and schedule an interview time online.
  • Pre-Select: If a student or alumni wants to be considered for an interview with a particular company, they can submit their resume online. After a certain sign-up period, they will need to check with Career Services Online to see if they were selected by the company to schedule an interview. Applicants invited to interview then schedule their interview time online.

It is recommended that students and alumni research company web sites and visit the Career Services Center to read available company literature prior to interviewing. You may also visit our Preparing for the Interview page to learn more.