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Career Plan

Senior Year

You are not alone if you do not have a clear career or graduate/professional school path by your senior year, many others do not as well. However, now is definitely the time to keep moving.


Junior year


Begin narrowing down career/work options and focus on the few you are seriously considering. Start by:

  • Becoming immersed in your academic major, i.e. get to know your professors & classmates/future colleagues; seek out research opportunities, know your degree requirements for timely graduation, etc.
  • Fine tune your career and educational goals by reevaluating your interests, skills, strengths and values at this point in your academic career
  • Start developing a network and learning about potential employers in fields of interest
  • Revise your resume; begin to create C.V. if you are considering graduate school
  • Find ways to gain meaningful experiences and take on leadership roles
  • Investigate possible post-graduate education or professional schools to understand expected outcomes, admissions requirements, timelines and procedures
  • Visit Career Services to find out more about internships and our job search tools
  • Attend the Career Fair to network with employers

Sopohomore Year


  • Confirm your choice of major
  • Start taking required classes in your major

Recommended Next Steps

  • Revisit your career assessment results and findings with new eyes, and don’t be afraid to retake the assessment
  • Gather information about careers of interest
  • Start thinking about if an advanced degree is in your future
  • If professional school (ex. Medical School, Law School, etc.) is in your future, start gaining relevant experience and learning about the application process and timeline
  • Start networking with faculty in order to get future recommendation letters for graduate or professional school
  • Gain work experience that builds transferable skills, such as leadership, coordinating, or communication skills
  • Create a resume or update an existing one
  • Join student organizations related to your major and professional associations related to your intended career field


  • Talk to your advisor about your academic progress and evaluate if your academic performance is in line with the major you have chosen
  • Actively explore career options with informational interviews or shadowing
  • Follow up with a Major & Career Counselor to discuss your career plan progress
  • Attend the Majors Fair in the Spring to network with faculty and discuss career possibilities with your chosen major

Freshman Year

First things First

Recommended Next Steps


  • Start thinking about potential careers that may be attractive to you
  • Pursue work experience opportunities, such as part-time jobs, summer jobs or volunteering
  • Attend the Majors Fair in the Spring to learn more about University majors and minors from faculty all in one location


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Majors & Minors Fair

The Majors Fair provides an opportunity for you to explore undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations offered at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by networking with faculty, staff and Career Services all in one location. You can explore your areas of interest, discover a major you never knew existed, and even start the process of developing an individualized career plan.

With over 100 different degree options on campus, there’s something for everyone. Stop by the Majors Fair on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 10:00am to 1:00pm and start learning about what possibilities are waiting for you.