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On Campus Interviewing Program Registration

Only UL Lafayette students who are pursuing a degree and recent UL Lafayette graduates are eligible to register with Career Services and participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program. Please complete the form with up to date and accurate information. Registering is a three step process

1. Complete this form.
2. Create a profile in Career Services Online, if you have not already.
3. Upload a current resume.

Your Career Services Online profile will be updated with full access within one business day. Please be mindful of On Campus Interviewing deadlines. There are no longer any fees required to participate in the On Campus Interviewing Program. Students are required to create a profile in Career Services Online, upload a resume and complete this online form.

Navigating Career Services Online
Preparing for the On Campus Interview

Career Services can provide resources to assist students/alumni in exploring and reaching career objectives.  Ultimately, the individual is responsible for selecting and defining career goals and for obtaining employment.

***By clicking submit, I agree to abide by all of the below registration policies and procedures and hereby grant Career Services permission to release my online resume to prospective employers.***

Registrant is obligated to provide accurate information within their online profile and at anytime during the campus recruiting process. Deliberate misrepresentation of any information, including GPA, work authorization and graduation date will result in registrant losing all on-campus interviewing privileges and student referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
We strongly suggest that you have your resume reviewed by a Career Services staff member before submitting for On Campus Interviews. We make every effort to be timely in the review process, but cannot guarantee a turnaround of less than two (2) business days. Please email your resume to for review.
Interviews should be scheduled only if you have a genuine interest in the position and meet the eligibility requirements.
Interview cancellations must be made by contacting the Associate Director in Career Services at least two working days prior to the scheduled interview. In an emergency, contact the Associate Director as soon as possible so that the recruiter can be notified. Email Amy Chauvin, Associate Director, at
If you do not show up (NO SHOW) for an interview, your online account will be blocked and you will lose your on-campus interviewing privileges.
To request that interview privileges be reinstated, a NO SHOW must do the following: * Make an appointment with the Director to discuss the no show. * Write a letter of apology to the employer and bring two copies of this letter to your appointment with the Director. Career Services will mail one to the employer and retain the other copy on file. * This procedure must be followed within 7 working days from the date of the missed interview or your interviewing privileges will be revoked until the start of the next academic year. * If you commit a second offense of being a “NO SHOW,” your interviewing privileges will be immediately revoked for one year.
Once you have accepted an employment offer either verbally or in writing, you must WITHDRAW from the interviewing process by completing the Report a Hire section of Career Services Online.